How we are here to help you write, edit, publish, and launch your book to success.

How You Can Discover How Publishing Works in Today’s World

Here you learn from the proven success of others who share their tools, tips, and insights that you can use today!

About This Episode

This is THE podcast that helps authors like you to Write-Edit-Publish-Launch! My editing team has helped over 35,000 authors so I feel confident that I know someone who can share some valuable insight that can help you too!

  • In this episode, you will learn:
  • What exactly is Publishing Power
  • Why I started this podcast
  • How you can discover how publishing works in today’s world
  • How we are here to help you write, edit, publish and launch to success.



JoEllen Taylor

JoEllen Taylor

About The JoEllen


My name is JoEllen Nordström and I am the Chief Word Wizard at First Editing. I lead my army of professional editors into battle daily. We fight on the writing industry’s front lines, destroying extraneous commas and dangling participles in our war against bad grammar and poor punctuation.

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