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Publishing Power helps authors successfully Write-Edit-Publish-Launch! Discover the latest tips, tools, and tricks for authors while learning from industry experts.

Whether you are planning to publish traditionally, independently, or a hybrid combination of services, here is solid help available each step of the way. Join our community of authors!

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JoEllen’s professional team of editors have helped over 35,000 authors worldwide.

In Publishing Power, she shares the secrets to be successful in the world of writing. Listen to her podcast interviews with successful experts that help you write better, edit expertly, and publish powerfully.

The Long Game with Alexa Bigwarfe

Alexa covers the importance of authors to focus on more than just their book launch, but having a specific plan for audience growth beginning very early in the writing process and continuing long after the book has launched.

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How to Edit Your Book from Start to Finish

Learn how editing is advancing and evolving with the use of artificial intelligence and online tools, apps, and browser extensions. Also, discover how you can use this technology and successfully publish your book with the expert help of professional editors. From Story Editing to Copy Editing to Professional Editing, you have many options to ensure that your words shine while engaging your readers in your manuscript.

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Media Training for Book Authors

Want to make a great first impression and get people excited about your book? Mariko Takahashi of Clarity Media shares a fantastic new training course that teaches you how to professionally present yourself and your manuscript.

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Indie Publishing Bootcamp

In this episode you will learn about the Indie Publishing Bootcamp. This course provides in-depth information on how to: edit and improve your story with Fictionary’s online tool, use Pro Writing Aid’s copy editing tool in your daily writing and before submitting to a professional editor, publish independently with various new and developing options for authors, and prepare to successfully market your book.

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How to Become a Bestselling Author

Have you always love the idea of becoming a successful author? Maybe you have a book in your head, or you already have one written, but you’re just not sure what it takes to go all the way.

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