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We all get excited when we type “The End” on our first draft. Before you share your story with others, you owe it to yourself to tell the best possible story. Learn how to story edit, and you’ll create a story readers love.

About This Episode

After listening to this podcast, you’ll understand what story editing is and why it’s important to you. You’ll be given the basis for ensuring your story is well-told, well-paced, and highly effective.

You’ll learn when it’s the right time to hire an editor, and we’ll show you a great tool you can use to perform a story edit.

You will learn:

  • What is story editing
  • Why it’s important you learn this skill.
  • A place to start – 3 areas to evaluate.
  • When you’re ready to work with an editor.
  • How Fictionary can help



JoEllen Taylor

JoEllen Taylor



Kristina Stanley

Kristina Stanley


About The Guest


Kristina Stanley is an editor, author, and CEO of Fictionary. She’s the best-selling author of the Stone Mountain Mystery Series, Look The Other Way, and The Author’s Guide to Selling Books To Non-Bookstores.

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