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Listen to our carefully selected, knowledge-based interviews with the leading writing-industry experts. We’ll provide insight and up-to-date guidance in the ever-evolving world of publishing so that you know how to plan, what to do, and where to get help when you need it.

Regardless if you write fiction, nonfiction, copy, or research, you will find a golden nugget here that will help you succeed. You simply don’t know what you don’t know.

Our Goals and Vision

At Publishing Power you gain help and advice from proven, vetted experts in the publishing world. As your guide, we want you to understand how you too can create a bestseller.

Here you learn from the proven success of others who share their tools, tips, and insights that you can use today!

We share how to successfully write, edit, publish and launch your book today from proven leaders with real-life experience, know-how, and helpful steps for you can do the same.

Our purpose is to help you discover weekly the latest tips, tools, and tricks when publishing independently, traditionally or as a hybrid publisher. Here you can keep up to date with the ever-changing methods and techniques of the publishing world. 

Who We Are

Learn how to successfully write, edit, publish and launch your book today from proven leaders and great writers.

Discover the latest tips, tools, and tricks publishing independently, traditionally or as a hybrid publisher.

Plus, you get honest reviews of the various writing tools, apps, plugins, and services which can help (or hinder!) you to publish successfully!

Regardless if you write fiction, nonfiction, copy, or research, you will find a golden nugget here that will help you succeed. You simply don’t know what you don’t know.

Our Story

This podcast originally evolved from a series of Featured Author Interviews that JoEllen conducted with First Editing‘s successfully published authors. As she spoke to each writer, she realized how each person’s journey to publication is unique. Furthermore, it is also highly dependent upon having knowledge and access to expertise when you need it most.

After visiting the 2019 Book Expo America conference in New York and reconnecting with so many of her peers in the writing world, JoEllen decided it was time to relaunch Publishing Power and focus on providing not just successful author stories but also giving the listeners the tools and access you need to individually succeed.

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Meet The Host

JoEllen Taylor

JoEllen Taylor


My name is JoEllen Nordström and I am the Chief Word Wizard at First Editing. I lead my army of professional editors into battle daily. We fight on the writing industry’s front lines, destroying extraneous commas and dangling participles in our war against bad grammar and poor punctuation. We’ve conquered millions of words and helped over 35,000 authors survive their publishing journey. 

We are your manuscript mercenaries for hire!

As an author, it’s difficult to see the small details which may offend your readers after you’ve spent years inside your story and manuscript. I know how that feels since co-writing my first book in 2005 as a fellow authorpreneur. I now dedicate my energy to bringing knowledge to you and the writing masses by hosting the Publishing Power Podcast. Here you can meet other authors, publishers, agents, and industry experts who have valuable insights to help you publish and succeed in today’s book launches. As the publishing path constantly fluxes and adjusts to a moving global market, it is important to have a dependable network of experts to assist you in your journey.

I am pretty proud to mention that as a progressive business leader, I’ve been honored as an elite National Pioneer Award Winner by the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO).

Me? Well, I love simplifying the editing and publishing process for authors by implementing a huge arsenal of tools and technology. Working full-time in the editing and writing field since 2006, my vision encapsulates simplifying each writer’s journey by implementing a systematic approach to the writing, editing, and publishing process.

As a fellow investor and partner in Fictionary, I am combining the Certified Story Coach program with our entire professional editing team here at First Editing. Together we are revolutionizing traditional developmental fiction editing. Uniting high-tech writing tools with personal developmental editorial services, Fictionary and First Editing are transforming writers into storytellers!

Let me toot my horn a bit more here and mention that I am also a busy, multitasking mother. We women oversee a lot of different divisions in life. In fact, my passion to organize and live a life of purpose despite normal, daily challenges inspired me to co-found Lifestyle Tribe. Here I share my driving values. I focus on inspiring like-minded women to consciously design their lives and successfully plug-in proven, successful habits that I have learned from years of coaching, mentoring, and studies. I am passionate about using my experiences and knowledge to help others easily implement automated systems based on their individually crafted goals. Lifestyle Tribe provides community, online courses, masterminds, and international retreats for goal-setting and lifestyle design.

Like many, I am an over-active participant in today’s gig economy (and a follower of life’s many shiny objects). So I manage rental properties and can often be found entertaining guests at one of my homes such as Stef Surf El Delfin in Guanacaste, Costa Rica. My little villa is a tropical oasis within a small, private “jungle” only 150m from the beach. I like to escape here and recharge with my family while improving my third language and recording upcoming podcasts.

As a digital nomad for the past two decades, I continue to roam the world with my family and can often be found somewhere between Sweden and Costa Rica. I love swimming, sailing, surfing, skiing, diving, hunting mushrooms, playing saxophone, learning Japanese TaiKo drums, juggling, and stumbling through beginner tap dance classes in my forties – not a pretty site! Lesser known facts about me include a secret past which includes serving as an international award-winning auctioneer and professional charity fundraiser, motivational speaker and speech writer, and nautical circumnavigator of the globe.  Personally, I avoid eating wheat and milk so I can live forever.

You can reach JoEllen Taylor Nordström (me) on LinkedIn and Facebook.

“You don’t know what you don’t know so keep searching daily for those golden nuggets of knowledge and power.”

– JoEllen Nordström, First Editing’s Chief Word Wizard

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