A Successful Process for Graduate Writing

Academic Writing for Dissertations and Theses

What’s necessary for an introduction for a thesis or a dissertation: how do you write about methodology and provide a literature review, and what are some other sections in a typical thesis or dissertation?

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Graduate writing – PhDs and Masters theses and dissertations – are long projects that adhere to a set of conventions. Usually, they include a literature review and a methodology section, sometimes a bit of history or theoretical framing. While not all theses or dissertations across subject areas will be similar, most will have sections that are very similar.

As a graduate writer, you can feel confident in your subject matter, and this episode will walk you through the how-tos of creating some of the standard sections that these genres of academic writing include.

You will learn:

  • How to write a successful thesis/dissertation introduction
  • What is a methodology section and how to write it
  • What needs to be included in a literature review and how to write it
  • How to paraphrase and model build without plagiarizing, but without over quoting in a thesis or dissertation



JoEllen Taylor

JoEllen Taylor



Lindy Ledohowski

Lindy Ledohowski


About The Guest


Dr. Lindy Ledohowski is an award winning educator, academic, and now entrepreneur. She has taught writing for the past two decades and has won awards for her own peer-reviewed scholarship. She completed her doctoral work in English literature, focusing on Canadian literature, and after working as a full-time English professor, quit that job to found a English academic writing software company, EssayJack, which is now in use across Canada and in a variety of schools, colleges, and universities worldwide.

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