5 Tips on What Makes a Great Author Website

How to Create an Author Base

In this podcast you will discover how to create an author base by connecting authentically with your true fans.

About This Episode

Dan Blank discusses how to focus on your big vision in creating your website and developing your author base. It is all about defining who you are and what you are creating. Take this and communicate it often and in as many ways as possible while remaining true to your personality and vision. Be authentic and bold. Share your journey, passions, and struggles to connect with those around you.

In this podcast, you will also learn:

  • Five Tips on What Makes a Great Author Website- Own Your Platform
  • Build Your Website Before You Need It
  • Use Your Website to Explain What You Create and Why
  • Lead People Somewhere
  • Show Up as a Real Person, Not a Faceless Author

Get to know our Publishing Power Guest Speaker, Dan Blank!



JoEllen Taylor

JoEllen Taylor



Dan Blank

Dan Blank


About The Guest


Dan Blank is the founder of WeGrowMedia, where he helps writers develop a human-centered approach to marketing and reaching their audience. He is the author of the book Be the Gateway: A Practical Guide to Sharing Your Creative Work and Engaging an Audience.

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