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Indie Publishing Bootcamp

There is so much information out there about what a writer should do when their first draft is done and it’s time to bring it to market. Learn how to edit, choose your publishing options, and package your book so you can reach readers.

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She Writes University, Fictionary and ProWritingAid have partnered to create a 4-course series that covers story editing, copy editing, indie publishing options and how to prepare your book for the market. Any author at any stage in their career can benefit from this insider knowledge. Whether you’re a first-time author who doesn’t know where to start or a traditionally published author interested in indie life and taking more control of your career, this boot camp is a deep dive into all the ways authors can grow their knowledge and take charge of their writing future.

In this episode, you will learn about the Indie Publishing Bootcamp. This course provides in-depth information on how to:

  • Edit and improve your story with Fictionary’s online tool.
  • Use Pro Writing Aid’s copy-editing tool in your daily writing and before submitting it to a professional editor.
  • Publish independently with various new and developing options for authors, and prepare to successfully market your book.
  • Learn from experienced professionals with proven results.

This is an overview of the She Writes University Indie Book Publishing Camp’s 4 part online editing course. Using such tools and methods help you become a better writer while allowing your professional editor to provide a more in-depth review and edit of your manuscript.



JoEllen Taylor

JoEllen Taylor


Randy Peyser

Randy Peyser

About The Guest


Christelle Lujan has been in book marketing and indie publishing for over ten years and is also an author working on bringing her first book to market. As a She Writes University instructor and the managing editor of, she gets great joy from helping other authors take creative control of their work.

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