The 38 Story Elements of Fiction Writing Series

Sense of Touch

Discover how to use this element in a fiction story and learn how you can improve your writing – apply it to your project!

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Whether you’re a fiction writer or professional editor, this series is for you!

Touch can do a lot for you and in helping the reader experience the story world.

It can make them feel empathy for a character instill fear in the reader, it can make the character and hence the reader model for something so touch is a really powerful sense because we all fear certain physical touch and we all love certain physical touch. Right? So it’s got that full spectrum of extreme emotion associated with it.


We know how touch is very important in describing in our books. This podcast tells you how you can make the ‘sense of taste’ memorable and how we should be using and implementing this type of sense.


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JoEllen Taylor

JoEllen Taylor


Kristina Stanley

Kristina Stanley

About The Guest


Our guest speaker is none other than CEO of Fictionary, Kristina Stanley! She created Fictionary to help writers turn a first draft into a great story. Fictionary focuses on the story, not just the words.

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